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The creation of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Federal Ministry of the Interior

areas transferred to the BMUB:

Environmental protection

Nuclear installation safety, radiological protection
Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (now BMEL)

areas transferred to the BMUB:

Environmental policy

Nature conservation
Federal Ministry for Youth, Family and Health (now BMFSFJ)

areas transferred to the BMUB:

Health concerns related to the environment

Radiation hygiene

Residues of pollutants in food
BMU Effective from 6 June 1986, by organisational decree of the Federal Chancellor on 5 June 1986

- Central functions
- General and economic aspects  of environmental policy,   international cooperation
- Water management, waste management, soil conservation, and contaminated sites
- Environmental health, immission control, safety of installations and transport, chemical safety
- Nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources
- Safety of nuclear installations, radiological protection, nuclear fuel cycle

Organisational ordinance
of 2 October 1990
MfUW Ministry for Environmental Protection and Water Resources Management, established on 3 January 1972.

Renamed on 12 April 1990, during the German Democratic Republic (GDR) cabinet’s final term of office:

MUNER Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Energy and Nuclear Safety of the Former GDR.

Responsibilities falling under ministerial remit according to the division of competences laid down in the German Basic Law were transferred to the BMU.