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Ice floes in the Atlantic Ocean.


Climate & Energy

Acting on climate change and ensuring energy security are crucial issues for our future. The government focuses on climate change mitigation and the transformation of our energy system. Central policies include increased use of renewable energy, more energy efficiency, emissions trading and the climate initiative. more

Storage vessel prior to loading with nuclear fuel


Nuclear Safety & Radiological Protection

The use of nuclear energy involves risks for humans and the environment. The government's role is to ensure the safe management of nuclear power plants and to protect people from radioactivity and harmful radiation. more

An energy-saving lamps conveyor belt

Economy, Products, Resources & Tourism

Economy and ecology go together – preserving the environment and our natural resources are prerequisites for stable economic growth. The key is sustainability in production and consumption. more

Two girls on a green meadow


Health & Chemical Safety

Every person has a right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or wellbeing. The government's objective is to ensure the highest standard of food safety and to mitigate harmful effects of chemical substances on health and environment. Another important issue is studying the opportunities and risks of nanotechnology. more

river, on the left and right meadows

Water, Waste & Soil

Economic exploitation of natural resources can cause significant damage to water and soil. It is important to re-establish the ecological balance of water bodies and to rehabilitate contaminated soils. Waste management is an equally crucial issue: it deals with avoidance, recovery and proper disposal of waste. more

Blue sky with clouds and sunshine

Air, Mobility & Noise

Noise and pollution generated by industry and transport greatly reduce the quality of life for many people. Stringent limits set by the government prevent noise and emissions. In addition, a sustainable transport policy helps to improve the balance between the need for mobility and the requirements of health and the environment. more

A statue of a woman holding a scale in its hand.


Strategy & Legislation

Environmental legislation encompasses official provisions that serve the protection of the environment. Environmental assessments are important environmental protection tools. Sustainability is the guiding principle behind German environmental policy. more